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PEARL® Organic Soymilk Original

Pearl® Organic Soymilk Original tastes the way soymilk should taste. Wholesome and refreshing, it's a perfect morning beverage. It's delicious on its own, with cereal, or as a milk-substitute in espresso drinks and many recipe applications, including soups, sauces, pastas and desserts.

  • No Preservatives Added
  • Orthodox Union Kosher Certification
  • USDA Organic

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nutrition facts



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  • 12 / 32 FL OZ PEARL® Organic Soymilk Original

PEARL® Organic Soymilk Original

For our sauces, the Best By Date is printed on the neck of the glass bottle or the bottle cap. Our seasoning mixes and gold-colored packaged soup mixes have a date printed across the top of the package back or embossed on the side of the packets. Please click to here view some examples.  
PEARL Soymilk uses only whole, organic soybeans, which are not genetically modified. The soybeans are grown in the USA on organic farms. Our soymilk products are also manufactured in the United States.
No. PEARL Soymilk has no added preservatives.
PEARL Soymilk is ideal for use in your favorite recipes. It can be used whenever a recipe calls for dairy milk. In some recipes that rely on milk to "set-up" or thicken, you may need to add cornstarch to chilled soymilk before cooking to achieve a smooth, creamier consistency. Because soymilk is lower in fat, it will not thicken like dairy milk.
We suggest you do not freeze the product because it could damage the carton causing it to break. Also, freezing may breakdown the stabilizers in the product, which would comprise the quality of the soymilk.
We cannot guarantee the product after the printed date and therefore recommend consuming the soymilk before the "Best By" date.
If you are concerned that your soymilk is spoiled, we recommend that you not drink it. Some signs that your soymilk may have "gone bad" are: unusual smell, taste or color to your soymilk, a bloated container, a puncture or cut on the carton, soymilk that has gone past the expiration date printed on the top, or soymilk that doesn't pour out smoothly or has turned "lumpy".
Each PEARL Soymilk carton is marked with a "Best By" date on the top. As long as the carton is unopened, it can be enjoyed until that date. We recommend that you store soymilk, like all food products, in your cupboard or pantry away from direct heat and sunlight in order to preserve its flavor. (Once a carton is opened, soymilk must be kept in the refrigerator.) PEARL Soymilk will maintain its freshness and flavor for 7 to 10 days after it is opened.
None of our PEARL Soymilk flavors contain dairy-derived ingredients. If you believe you suffer from dairy allergies, we recommend that you consult your doctor to develop an appropriate diet.
The 32-oz. carton of PEARL Original Organic Soymilk is sweetened with malt syrup which is derived from barley, so it contains gluten. PEARL Coffee, Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, Green Tea and Unsweetened Soymilks do not contain ingredients that are known to be a source of gluten, but they have not been tested to confirm they are gluten-free. If you believe you are gluten intolerant, we recommend that you consult your physician to develop an appropriate diet.
Yes. All PEARL Soymilk flavors are lactose-free and can be enjoyed by people with the condition known as being lactase-deficient. Lactase is an enzyme in the body that facilitates the breakdown of lactose—the natural sugar found in cow's milk. Some indications you may be lactose intolerant are bloating, severe gas, stomach cramps or nausea. These will occur between 30 minutes and 2 hours after drinking dairy milk. If you believe you are lactose intolerant, we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional to develop an appropriate diet.
PEARL Soymilk is certified as organic by the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) and our soymilk is made from whole organic soybeans. The NOP sets farming practice standards and labeling standards for food ingredients and finished products. These standards must be met for an ingredient or product to be qualified as "organic".
PEARL Soymilk uses aseptic packaging so this process involves UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) pasteurization.
PEARL Soymilk does not contain any ingredients of animal origin such as meat, fowl, fish, crustaceans or mollusks, and does not contain any animal products such as dairy, egg, honey or bees wax.
Please click here for a chart of Kikkoman products containing ingredients that are part of the top eight allergens listed in the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), as well as other common allergens, such as sesame and mustard.
There is no inner seal that you need to remove from the soymilk carton. However, the cap has a tamper-evident ring that is broken when the product is opened. The screw-top cap is designed to automatically cut the foil seal inside the carton when you first twist off the cap. You will see three plastic prongs on the inside of the cap and these prongs cut the foil seal on the carton. Before purchasing the product at store, please check that the tamper-evident ring has not been broken.
Many of our Kikkoman Soy Sauces, Teriyaki and Asian Sauces, Panko, Noodle Kits, and Seasoning Mixes, are sold through our Online Store. Please click here to mail order your favorite Kikkoman product.
An aseptic carton is a sterile, airtight specially-produced package made for keeping food products fresh without refrigeration. Many foods and beverages like soymilk, soups, tomatoes and sauces are now available in aseptic cartons. There is no need to refrigerate unopened cartons. However, once opened, PEARL Soymilk should be kept in the refrigerator.


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