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Vintage Revival

We created our first TV ad way back in 1956

Here’s how we just reinvented it

This year, more than ever, we wanted to let people know how thankful and proud we are to have shared a place at the American table for so many generations. 

So, when the time came to develop our next advertising campaign, we dug deep into our archives, and uncovered our very first TV ad from 1956. Back then, television was still a brand-new medium, and Kikkoman took a big gamble, creating a primetime ad that made its debut during the presidential elections. 

As millions of viewers tuned in to watch the election returns come in, they were treated to a thirty second animated ad with a catchy jingle:

Kikkoman, Kikkoman Soy Sauce.

The flavor-y savory soy sauce, 

On fish, fowl or meat, a salad, or a stew, 

Makes your barbecue complete

Kids love it too!

Keep it on the table

But make sure the label 

Says K, I, double-K, O, M, A, N, 

Kikkoman Soy Sauce!

Images from our first TV ad, made in 1956

The ad is fun and cartoony, but the strategy behind it was serious. Kikkoman wanted to spread the word that our soy sauce isn’t just an Asian food condiment—it’s delicious on all kinds of foods Americans eat every day, from “fish, fowl or meat” to burgers to BBQ. Now, 65 years later, that message rings truer than ever, and Kikkoman is America’s #1 Soy Sauce. *

Our new “Timeless” soy sauce commercial begins by showing an excerpt from that 1956 vintage ad, but quickly puts it in a modern context—a fun way to make the point that “flavor-y, savory” Kikkoman has been an American tradition for decades, and today it’s more loved than ever.

Watch the full commercial below.

*Based on the U.S. sales data during the 52-week period ending 8/12/23

One Family

And check out “One Family,” our heartwarming new ad featuring America’s Original Teriyaki™.

Watch the full commercial below.





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