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This form is intended for use by residents of the following states regarding their personal data:
• Virginia residents pursuant to the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act;
• Colorado residents pursuant to the Colorado Privacy Act; and
• Connecticut residents pursuant to the Connecticut Data Privacy Act.
• Utah residents pursuant to the Utah Consumer Privacy Act.

If you are not a Virginia, Colorado, or Connecticut resident, please see our Privacy Policy for more information or contact us at [email protected].

    1. Your information

    Please enter the information below so that we may verify your identity. (You must provide this information.)

    1.1. Colorado/Connecticut resident details

    Please enter the requested information below about the Colorado or Connecticut resident you are a duly authorized agent of for the purpose of this request. (You must provide this information.)

    If you are serving as an authorized agent and the colorado or connecticut resident has provided you with a power of attorney, please email [email protected] a copy of that power of attorney.

    If the resident has not provided you with a power of attorney, please email [email protected] a written statement signed by the resident authorizing you to serve as their agent for this request. We may also verify the resident’s identity directly with them and confirm with them that they authorized you to submit this request. If we are unable verify your authorization or the resident’s identity, we will not be able to honor the request.

    Please check all checkboxes that describe how you have interacted with Kikkoman. This information helps us determine if we retain any personal data about you. (You may leave this field blank.)

    I subscribed to a Kikkoman newsletterI completed a Kikkoman survey or quizI participated in a Kikkoman-sponsored contest or promotionI purchased merchandise or conducted a transaction through kikkomanusa.comI’ve received marketing materials or marketing emails from KikkomanI’ve visited kikkomanusa.comI’ve signed up for something with Kikkoman in-personI’ve interacted with Kikkoman on social mediaOther

    3. Your privacy rights

    Residents of Virginia, Colorado, and Connecticut may make the following requests regarding the personal data that Kikkoman may process:

    1. “Right to Know," which is the right to confirm whether Kikkoman is processing your personal data.

    2. "Right to Access/Data Portability,” which is the right to obtain a copy of your personal data that you previously provided to Kikkoman in a portable and readily usable format, if technically possible.

    3. “Right to Delete” the personal data retained by Kikkoman, subject to some exceptions that would permit Kikkoman to keep the information.

    4. "Right to Correct," which is the right to request that Kikkoman rectify any inaccuracies
    in the personal data that it holds about you.

    5. "Right to Opt Out of Targeted Advertising," which is the right to opt out of having your personal data used for targeted advertising.

    6. "Right to Opt Out of the Sale of Your Personal Data," which is the right to opt out of the exchange of your personal data for money or other valuable consideration by Kikkoman to a third party.

    For more information about how we handle your privacy rights requests, including information about how we verify your identity, our timeframe for responding, and your right to appeal any decision we make in response to your requests, please see the Virginia, Colorado, and Connecticut Privacy Rights section of our Privacy Policy or contact us at
    [email protected].





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