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Panko Goes Prime Time

Panko comes loveably (and crunchily) to life in our fun new commercial.

Following on the success of last year’s Kikkoman® Soy Sauce commercial, which featured a catchy vintage jingle for our first TV ad in 1956, we set our sights on Panko.

Our new Panko commercial showcases all kinds of easy ways to add crunch and craveability to any meal. That vintage jingle gets a Panko makeover, and we added a new element—a dancing, jumping, joy-filled animated Panko-package character who flips, flies and moonwalks from scene to scene.

It’s all about showing our friends and fans how Panko can add that special ingredient to the dinner table!

A Crunch for Every Craving

What makes Kikkoman Panko so crunchy and light? We start by baking airy crustless loaves that are processed into flakes, not crumbs. This gives our Panko it’s drier, flakier consistency than ordinary crumbs—and it’s why they stay crunchy, absorb less oil, and cook up crisp and golden every time, whether you bake, fry or air-fry them.

Check out our full line of Panko options, including our original Panko,  Whole Wheat, Gluten-Free, Coconut and Sriracha, and check out the full commercial below!


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