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The New Asian Pantry

Having trouble telling tatsoi from Lite Soy? Bamboo shoot from ginger root? Here’s a guide to set you straight. It describes the most widely used ingredients in “New Asian” cooking. With these ingredients and the full range of Kikkoman products, you’ll have everything you need to create sensational Asian dishes, or to add instant sophistication to your favorite non-Asian foods.

Vegetables & Herbs

The recipe calls for dried black mushrooms. You have some that are black, some that are dried, but aren’t sure which to use. Here’s a list of vegetables and herbs that show up frequently in Asian recipes, but not so frequently in your pantry. Refer to it to clear up your questions about what makes broccoli Chinese and grass lemony.

Sauces, Condiments, Spices & Seasonings

Not all condiments are created equal. You wouldn’t put jam on your hot dog, or pickle relish on your toast, and the same distinctions apply to Asian sauces and condiments. To find out whether to use mirin or miso in your marinade, refer to our definitive list of Asian sauces and condiments.

Noodles & Wrappers

It’s common knowledge that Marco Polo brought the noodle to Italy by way of his travels East. So it’s not surprising that after eating them for so long, there are so many different kinds of Asian noodles. They’ve even flattened some into wrappings for dumplings and rolls. With this guide to the world of noodles and wrappers, you’ll be sure not to wrap your spring rolls in cellophane noodles or put wonton wrappers in your noodle soup

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