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Kikkoman has been a dedicated supplier of solutions for chefs and operators for decades. But we’re more than the sum of our products. We’re a foodservice resource—a partner that’s here to help with menu ideas, recipes and information you can use to build your business.

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brochures and guides

Foodservice Solutions Brochure (PDF)

Kikkoman is here to help you adapt and thrive in the “new normal” of foodservice. In our Solutions Brochure you’ll find complete information about our convenient, labor-saving products, plus ideas, strategies and resources to help you optimize your menu and enhance your operations.

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Foodservice Product Guide (PDF)

In foodservice today, flavor is everything. And Kikkoman can help you open up a whole world of flavor possibilities. With on-trend products, coating mixes, Panko and more, we’ve got flavor covered — and not just for Asian foods. Our products can enhance everything from burgers and fries to pasta and pizza. Looking to create menu items with state-of-the-art flavor?

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soy sauce 101 (PDF)

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asian bowls 101 (pdf)

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asian is cool: kikkoman makes it easy (PDF)

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the asian boom (pdf)

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Kikkoman Label

kids love kikkoman

Today, more than ever, it’s all about finding that perfect balance between the flavors kids love and the nutrition they need. Kikkoman can help. Our full line of convenient sauces and seasonings are instant flavor-builders that can transform anything from commodity veggies and proteins to noodles, nuggets and patties into craveable creations—and they can help you keep sodium, fat and calories in line, too.

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tips & basics

usage tips

These days, big flavor is big news. From Asian to Latin, Mediterranean to mainstream American, there’s a whole new world of flavor opportunities out there. A world of lively colors. Exotic textures. And the bold new tastes your customers are hungry for. Ready to take a bite out of the flavor boom? Kikkoman can help. These usage tips are designed to help you unlock the flavor potential of your dishes.

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asian basics

Having trouble telling tatsoi from soy? Bamboo shoot from ginger root? Here’s a guide to set you straight. It describes the most widely used ingredients in “New Asian” cooking. With these ingredients and the full range of Kikkoman products, you’ll have everything you need to create sensational Asian dishes, or to add instant sophistication to your favorite non-Asian foods.

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umami made easy

In The Professional Chef Discovers: Soy Sauce, a free online course offered by The Culinary Institute of America, learn why soy sauce is a must-have ingredient in everything from Asian to American cooking. Visit to learn more about soy sauce, umami and find a whole world of inspiration.

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