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Boarders without Borders

We Joined Soy Sauce Nation for their Third Annual Stir-Fry Invitational

Soy Sauce Nation, a community of Asian American Pacific Islander snowboarders, brings together sauce-loving Olympians, X Games champions, and avid boarders from all over the U.S. and Canada creating a space for diversity, community, and inclusion on the slopes. We love that. And with a name like Soy Sauce Nation, how could America’s #1 Soy Sauce not support them?  

Last year, we were proud to be the official sponsor of SSN’s Stir-Fry Invitational at Boreal Mountain, CA. And this March, we re-upped and rejoined an even bigger group of boarders for three days of shredding and sharing the sauce. Day one brought more of the record-breaking snow the Sierras have been enjoying this season, but the Boreal crew worked through it to build an incredible park on the slopes. The first two days of the Main Event competition is for invited riders that identify as AAPI, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ from all over the world, and the third day was a dedicated Community Day, open to everyone. Every moment in-between was filled with plenty of cooking, eating, and, of course, soy sauce! 

Check out the amazing action in this event recap video by Ted Boreland and photos by Mike Yoshida!

Luke Tokunaga (left) and Hiro Sun (right), all sauced up for the occasion

Pro Snowboarder Miles Fallon – Handplant on the Kung Pao Sauce feature

Rider Caleb Dhawornvej Tailgrab on Kikkoman Bottle Blaster Hip

Rider Matt Tam from Canada

Pro Snowboarder Summer Fenton

Community Day participants join in the fun

Team Kikkoman: (left to right) Megan Brand, Xochitl Hidalgo, and Lulu Hunng

Soy Stories

This year marks Kikkoman’s 50th anniversary of brewing our Soy Sauce in the USA, so we asked the riders to share some of their favorite Kikko-memories. Here are a few:

“My grandma’s kitchen table always had her little bottle of Kikkoman on it 😘”

“Getting bento boxes with my dad after Chinese school every Saturday at the local Japanese restaurant there was always a fully filled Kikkoman soy sauce at the table. It’s ingrained in my memories and every time I see the logo or a bottle I think of those moments.”

“My mom used to cook breaded pork with rice. She would use a homemade calamansi marinade, then use Kikkoman’s Panko bread crumbs. Till this day, I remember the citrus flavor from the calamansi and crispiness from the Panko being the perfect mix.”


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