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Looking to boost flavor while keeping your ingredient statement clean? Discover how soy sauce improves a remarkably wide variety of applications—not just Asian cuisine. Over 300 identifiable constituents work together to create a unique ability to “fill in the blanks” in formulations.

With more soy sauce forms than any other company, Kikkoman can help you boost the flavor of virtually any product you’re developing, from soups and sauces to meats and muffins. Here are some of the things that soy sauce can do:

bacon and cured meats

Adds color, balances sweet and smoked flavor; contributes salt for curing and adds natural preservatives.

beef and chicken entrees

Contributes savory flavor and aroma; adds color; helps blend spice flavors.

fajitas and mexican entrees

Blends and enhances spices in marinades; contributes salt; helps enhance grilled color; enhances meaty flavor in quick-grilled applications.

bread and rolls

Contributes salt to moderate yeast activity; helps blend yeast and grain notes; adds color.

chocolate syrups/coatings

Blends dairy notes, sweetness and cocoa flavor; moderates sweetness; alcohol enhances fruity top notes; contributes color.

cookies and cakes

Helps blend flavors and adds complexity; tempers sweetness; adds color.

dry mixes

Adds savory notes and color; enhances aroma and flavor; contributes color; granulated forms dissolve easily.


Contributes salt for curing; blends spice flavors; enhances meaty flavors; contributes color; can enhance or even replace preservatives.


Adds savory flavor; helps temper vinegar’s harshness; rounds spice flavors; contributes preservation to cold-fill dressings; adds color, replaces Worcestershire.


Blends flavors of other seasoning ingredients; contributes salt; enhances color and savory flavor; granulated forms resist clumping.

Soups, Stews, Broths, Sauces and Gravies

Enhances overall flavor profile; contributes aroma; adds color.

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