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Why Kikkoman?

As Asian and global flavors continue to gain popularity, an increasing number of food manufacturers are recognizing traditionally brewed soy sauce as a hardworking building-block of flavor. It’s not only the key to the Asian flavor palette, but also serves as a remarkable and label-friendly source of umami for any savory flavor profile – from global specialties to mainstream American favorites. It’s no surprise that soy sauce is now a prevalent component in a wide array of food products nationwide. 

Kikkoman is here to meet this growing demand. As the largest soy sauce manufacturer and the leading soy sauce source for the food industry in North America, we provide the broadest and most trusted selection of forms and options in the business. 

We offer a comprehensive line of liquid, dehydrated and granulated soy sauces—traditionally brewed in the U.S.—in a full range of color, aroma, flavor-intensity, and sodium content, along with a full line of Asian sauces and ingredients and natural flavor enhancers.



We offer more soy sauce options than any other supplier. That means we can provide solutions to meet any formulation and production need, ranging from less-sodium and preservative-free to organic, non-GMO, Halal certified, and gluten-free alternatives which are also vegan friendly. We even offer an innovative clear soy sauce variety. Whether you need liquid or dehydrated, tankers or 55-gallon drums, the answer is simple: when it comes to soy sauce, Kikkoman is the only source you need.

Supply and Scale

With state-of-the art production facilities in Walworth, Wisconsin and Folsom, California, along with more than 10 distribution centers throughout North America, Kikkoman can assure prompt service and consistent product availability. We have the capacity to respond to ingredient shortages and meet your production specifications, whether you need tankers, totes or 55-gallon drums.

Safety and Consistency

At a time when product sourcing matters more than ever, you can trust Kikkoman’s transparency. Our soy sauce is traditionally brewed in state-of-the-art, GFSI scheme certified production facilities in Walworth, Wisconsin, and Folsom, California, using only pure local water, North American-grown soybeans, wheat, and salt. You can count on consistent quality, flavor, safety, and sourcing transparency with every shipment.

Clean-Label Options

Our growing line of label-friendly choices encompass options with less-sodium, no preservatives added, gluten-free, non-GMO verified, and organic versions that help you enhance flavor and umami while keeping ingredient statements clean, simple and in tune with the priorities of today’s consumers.

Solutions Beyond Soy Sauce

Our line of Asian sauces and ingredients—from our gold-standard Teriyaki products to Sriracha, Hoisin , Thai Chili Sauce, Salted Mirin , Sesame Oil , Rice Vinegar , and more—gives manufactures a toolbox for building bold flavor and umami across applications. Whether you’re developing Asian flavor profiles, or adding a flavor accent to mainstream products, Kikkoman is the source you can count on.

Stewardship and Sustainability

Kikkoman is committed to supporting the development of healthy lifestyles through food by applying technologies and expertise in product development, disseminating health-related information, safeguarding legal compliance, ensuring food safety, and conducting environmental preservation and sustainability activities.


We create our industrial products with application functionality in mind, from ensuring flavor and storage stability to understanding ingredient interactions. When you work with us, you’ll share access to cross-functional R&D and production teams with onsite, timely formulation and real-world operational solutions.


Behind our products lies a long-standing commitment to the prepared foods industry. Our technical, R&D and culinary innovation team provides our customers with assistance and up-to-date information about working with our industrial products as well as technical support, formulation consultation, and custom product development. So, whether you need product samples, a custom blend, or a creative partner in new product development, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.


We’ve been crafting our soy sauce the traditional way for more than three centuries.



Not all soy sauces are made by traditional brewing. Non-brewed (or chemically hydrolyzed) soy sauce is a twentieth-century invention created to sidestep the lengthy brewing process. It’s often sold right alongside traditionally brewed products, but the two couldn’t be more different. Non-brewed soy sauce is made in a matter of hours from hydrolyzed vegetable protein and caramel coloring. Its flavor is harsh and one-dimensional. rnrnKikkoman’s traditional brewing process gives our soy sauce a rich, mellow flavor and complex bouquet. Despite advances in technology, the process simply can’t be hurried. Like a fine wine, it takes several months for brewed soy sauce to ferment and age to perfection.

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