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stewardship & sustainability

A Kikkoman Tradition for More than 300 years

For more than three centuries, Kikkoman has crafted its soy sauce following a time-honored traditional brewing process. And with that tradition comes an obligation to use resources responsibly and sustainably. We honor the values of stewardship, safety, transparency, and trust that consumers, chefs, and food companies care about more than ever before.

Working toward a sustainable future for generations to come.

Kikkoman is committed to supporting the development of healthy lifestyles through food by applying technologies and expertise in product development, disseminating health-related information, safeguarding legal compliance, ensuring food safety, and conducting environmental preservation activities.

Lowering our Carbon Footprint

Kikkoman® Soy Sauce is traditionally brewed in Global Food Safety Initiative – compliant production facilities in Wisconsin and California using only North American–grown soybeans and wheat, salt and water.

In 1973, Kikkoman became the first Japanese company to build a major plant in the United States. Walworth, Wisconsin was chosen as its site for its central location, clean air and water and the close proximity of soybean and wheat producers.

Recycle, Reclaim, Reuse

Kikkoman recycles and reuses nearly every waste stream from its production process, for example:

  • Soy cake byproduct goes to livestock feed
  • Soy oil byproduct is used in pet foods and biodiesel
  • Calcium carbonate-rich wastewater is used for wastewater treatment
  • Waste brine water is used for de-icing roads
  • Pallet and shipping materials are reused

Resource reduction

Kikkoman is constantly implementing new initiatives to reduce consumption of natural resources, including new burners that use less natural gas, LED lighting, solar panel installation and high-pressure cleaning equipment that saves water.

Regulatory Compliance

Kikkoman is committed to 100% compliance with all environmental regulations. The company’s ISO14001 program ensures continuous monitoring of federal, state, and local regulation, with compliance audited internally, as well as by third-party consultants. Kikkoman sets environmental performance metrics with increasingly aggressive targets at the start of each year.

U.N. Global Compact

The Kikkoman Group is a signatory to Caring for Climate, an initiative of the UN Global Compact, which asks participating companies to embrace, support and enact principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption. Caring for Climate is dedicated to reducing problems that stem from climate change and promoting the sustainable use of water and other natural resources.

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