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NFE-L Flavor Enhancer

Kikkoman NFE-L (liquid) is unrivaled in its versatility. With a mild aroma, a balanced, brothy flavor—and 10% less sodium than regular soy sauce—the only thing you’ll taste is natural umami goodness. It creates a clean ingredient statement you can market with confidence. And because Kikkoman NFE-L is made in the USA, it is safe, pure and traceable.

  • Orthodox Union Kosher Certification



product code

  • 00619 NFE-L Flavor Enhancer (55 gal drum)


  • Versatile: Mild flavor and pale golden color make NFE-L appropriate for savory applications of all kinds, regardless of category or cuisine.
  • Clean-label flavor enhancement: Use in place of MSG, HVP and yeast extracts to keep your labels clean and consumer friendly.
  • Easy to use: Liquid delivery format makes metering and storage a snap. Traditionally fermented: Made using traditional soy sauce fermentation methods, not chemical hydrolysis.
  • Umami-rich: Naturally occurring amino acids magnify your formulation’s savory goodness.
  • Kikkoman quality: Backed by the reliability and reputation of the world’s leading supplier of Asian sauces and umami-enhancement solutions.
  • Lower in sodium: With 10% less sodium than traditional brewed soy sauce, NFE can be used to create boldly flavored lower-sodium products, Asian and beyond.
  • Made in the USA: Made in America with 100% North American ingredients under strict GMP/HACCP programs to ensure safety and reliability with every order.
  • Kosher Certified.
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