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Lightly brush Kikkoman traditionally brewed soy sauce on fish or seafood before or during grilling for color and a delicate sweet-salty flavor.


Try a little Kikkoman in the poaching liquid for firm-fleshed fish, such as salmon or tuna.

Fried Fish

A touch of Kikkoman in the batter gives flavor and a golden-brown color. Try it in spicy batters for catfish or cajun shrimp too. Of course, Kikkoman Tempura Batter Mix and PANKO Japanese Style Bread Crumbs are a great way to achieve perfect crunch and clean flavor in any fried food.

Seafood Stews

From hearty cioppino and bouillabaisse to clam chowder and oyster stew, Kikkoman helps turn a kettleful of ingredients into a melting pot of well-balanced flavors




Use in marinades to enhance and add flavor to steaks, chops, fajitas and other meat dishes.

Roasted Meats

A little Kikkoman adds hearty, slow-cooked flavor and appetizing color to pot roast, stews and braised dishes.

Ground Meat

Blend Kikkoman into meatloaf, meatballs, burgers or chili to “beef up” their meaty flavor.


Brush on prime rib or other roasts before and during cooking for rich flavor and deep mahogany color.




Use Kikkoman as is, or slightly sweetened and seasoned, as a marinade or brush-on basting sauce for eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, grilled corn and more.


Give blanched artichokes or asparagus an intriguing, savory flavor by adding 1 cup of Kikkoman Soy Sauce, and 1 lemon, halved and squeezed, per gallon of cooking water.


For a tasty, golden brown “signature spud,” rub Kikkoman on potatoes before baking or roasting.


A little Kikkoman can bring out the meaty, hearty, earthy flavors of baked or refried beans, spicy black beans and vegetarian chili.


Much like brewed soy sauce, mushrooms have a naturally meaty flavor. Kikkoman makes a perfect complement.


Ground Poultry

When preparing burgers, meatloaf, meatballs or chili made with ground turkey or chicken, add Kikkoman for meatier flavor and natural brown color.


A little Kikkoman goes a long way toward giving poultry gravy richer color and depth of flavor.


A small amount of Kikkoman in the batter or egg-dipping mixture for fried chicken results in a beautiful golden brown color.

Roasted Poultry

Brush on the bird before and during roasting to add flavor and ensure even browning.

Pasta, Pizza & Grains

Red Sauces

Kikkoman can heighten the flavor of the tomatoes in traditional “red sauce,” while mellowing their acidity. It also enhances the beefy flavor of Bolognese meat sauce.


Traditionally brewed soy sauce complements the fermented, yeasty flavor of pizza dough. Brush it on rolled-out dough or precooked pizza shells before topping and baking.

White Sauces

In creamy pasta sauces like Alfredo, and “Four-cheese,” a small amount of Kikkoman brings out their nutty, buttery flavor.


Kikkoman can add color and roasted, nutty taste to rice or other grain-based pilaf dishes. It can boost the flavor of stock, or add stock flavor if water is used.



The word “salad” comes from the Latin for “salt,” and salt is common to nearly all salad dressings. To discover what flavor enhancement is all about, just replace the salt in any dressing with a little Kikkoman.

Blue Cheese Dressing

Kikkoman’s nutty flavor mellows and rounds out the tanginess of sharp cheeses.

Tie Steak- or Chicken-Topped Salads Together

Use Kikkoman in the dressing and prepare extra dressing to marinate the meat before cooking (discard marinade after using).

Pasta Salads

Pasta salads can be bland, especially when chilled. Kikkoman helps the flavors come through…and not just in Oriental noodle salads.

Soups & Stocks

Chicken Stock

A small amount of Kikkoman enhances the flavor of chicken stock. A larger amount allows chicken stock or water to be substituted for beef stock in soups and sauces.

Mushroom Soups

Kikkoman fortifies and complements the meaty taste of mushrooms while adding an appetizing color.


Who says soy sauce and Italian don’t mix? A hint of Kikkoman adds rich meaty flavor to minestrone.

Bean Soups

Traditionally brewed soy sauce can round out the spiciness of black bean soup or complement the smoky flavor of split pea and lentil soups.

Sauces & Condiments


Add a dash of Kikkoman to fresh or cooked salsas to heighten their sweetness and spiciness, while balancing their acidity.

Barbecue Sauce

Kikkoman “marries” the meat with the sauce, enhancing the flavor of both.


Light, yet intensely flavored reduction-based sauces are always in style. A few drops of Kikkoman can add flavor without the fat.


Offer Kikkoman as a tabletop condiment with steak. Its clean, light flavor makes a refreshing break from traditional steak sauces.

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