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Premium Less Sodium Soy Sauce (PTN-LS)

Our lowest sodium soy sauce with 42% less sodium than regular Kikkoman® Soy Sauce. PTN-LS stands for Premium (High) Total Nitrogen, Less Sodium. This sauce is gently fermented to release the amino acids and high levels of glutamic acid responsible for umami. The product’s higher total nitrogen helps intensify its flavor, offsetting the sodium reduction, and making this sauce an ideal flavor enhancer in a wide variety of applications—Asian and beyond. As with all our less sodium soy sauces, we use a proprietary process to remove salt after brewing, resulting in a soy sauce with stronger flavor and no dilution.

  • A tamari style soy sauce, featuring high impact flavor, with the added benefit of less sodium than regular Premium Soy Sauce PTN.  
  • Sodium content: 3150 mg/100g 
  • No Preservatives Added. 
  • Kosher certified  
  • Made in the USA with 100% North American ingredients under strict GMP/HACCP programs to ensure safety and reliability with every order. 

  • Orthodox Union Kosher Certification



product code

  • 00641 PTN LS Soy Sauce (55 gal drum)
  • 07025 PTN LS Soy Sauce (275 gal tote disposable)
  • 07221 PTN LS Soy Sauce (275 gal tote bulk in cage)


  • Natural flavor enhancer. The higher amino acid and nitrogen content offers increased flavor enhancement properties.
  • Satisfying flavor will stay strong, even through the harshest production and cooking environments.
  • Applications include pre-prepared meals, processed meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood. Asian and other applications.
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