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Introducing Umami Joy Sauce

Our new soy sauce alternative. No soy, no wheat, all joy! 

To meet the growing demand for soy-free and gluten-free products, we created Kikkoman® Umami Joy Sauce, a unique, innovative alternative to soy sauce.

As the world’s leading soy sauce manufacturer, Kikkoman has a long history of soy sauce innovation, creating products like our Less Sodium Soy Sauce and Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce that respect our traditional brewing process, while offering options to meet changing tastes and dietary needs.

Our latest innovation is a soy sauce alternative made without soy or wheat. To make it, we turned to an ingredient that might surprise you: tomatoes!

That’s right. Tomatoes are rich in umami, and robust flavor. And we’ve perfected a way to apply our traditional fermentation process to tomatoes to create a new sauce the world has never seen before. It’s so delicious, we called it Umami Joy Sauce™!

Tasting is believing

Pick up a bottle of Umami Joy Sauce and you’ll discover that it tastes as rich, savory, and delicious as our soy sauce, with a delicate hint of sweetness. We find that most people who try it say their first impression is “soy sauce”—and while some may detect a subtle tomato flavor, many don’t even notice it!  

An allergen-friendly option 

Umami Joy Sauce is great for allergen-friendly diets because it contains no soy, no wheat, and no gluten. It’s also made without any artificial flavors or unrecognizable ingredients. The three ingredients are simply: tomato extract, water, and salt. It’s our carefully controlled traditional fermentation process that transforms those ingredients into a product that looks, cooks, and tastes like soy sauce. 

A one-to-one substitute 

We created Umami Joy Sauce to be a one-to-one substitute for any of our soy sauces. Just measure the amount of Umami Joy Sauce that’s called for as “soy sauce” in any recipe, and you’ll get all the rich flavor and umami you love. 

Recipes for Joy 

You can use Umami Joy Sauce as a tabletop condiment or as ingredient in marinades, stir-fries, sauces, soups, dressings, and anywhere you want to add the joy of soy sauce—without the soy. Here are some fresh ideas to get you started. Pick up a bottle today and let the joy—and the umami—begin! 

Deconstructed Spicy Salmon Sushi Bowl 

Enjoy all the craveable flavors of spicy salmon sushi in an easy-to-assemble bowl. Umami Joy Sauce blended with Kikkoman® Gluten-Free Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and mayo makes a quick and tasty sauce to drizzle on top.

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Crispy Chicken Tenders with Joyful Honey Mustard Sauce 

These family-friendly chicken tenders have a double hit of joy! Umami Joy Sauce is added to the egg mixture that’s used for breading, and it’s the savory spark in the sweet and tangy honey-mustard dipping sauce.

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One Pot Joy Sauce Tuscan Turkey Meatballs 

This one-pot wonder can put joy on your table in under an hour. Umami Joy Sauce gives the turkey meatballs extra meaty umami, and marries perfectly with the flavors of the hearty bean, tomato, and kale stew you serve them in. 

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Lobster Roll

A tablespoon of Umami Joy Sauce is all it takes to give this classic lobster roll a splash of umami and savory flavor. 

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