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Looking to reduce sodium and boost flavor? Our less-sodium soy sauce options help you decrease sodium in any formulation while adding enhanced umami.

Food manufacturers are facing increased pressure from advocacy organizations and consumers to reduce the sodium content of prepared foods. But reducing sodium without sacrificing flavor can be a significant challenge. Kikkoman can help.

In 1983, we introduced our original, ​​​​groundbreaking Less Sodium Soy Sauce, and ever since, we’ve innovated a full range of reduced-sodium soy sauce ingredients for food manufacturing.

Today, we offer the industry’s broadest selection of less-sodium soy sauce options in liquid and dehydrated form, packed in formats for any manufacturing need—from tankers to totes and drums.


Like all Kikkoman® Soy Sauces, our less sodium soy sauces start with our traditional brewing process, not chemical hydrolysis. We then use a proprietary process to remove up to 38% of that sodium after brewing and without any dilution, so our reduced-sodium sauces retain all the complexity, flavor, aroma, depth, umami, and flavor-enhancing properties of our regular soy sauce.

Our less sodium soy sauce can be used in applications and reformulations that originally do not include soy sauce, helping to compensate for sodium reduction by enhancing the overall flavor system. For instance, an all-time American favorite like the classic burger patty can be made with extra umami and less sodium by substituting salt with our less sodium soy sauce.

38% LESS

This umami benefit makes reduced sodium soy sauces an ideal ingredient in formulators’ sodium reduction toolbox, because when used at lower levels, it can add significant flavor without a discernable soy sauce taste.

Whether you’re formulating for less sodium in Asian-style products or non-Asian foods—such as plant-based meat analogs, cured meats, soups, sauces, or snacks, our less sodium soy sauces are a win-win. They are clean-label enhancers that can help you reduce sodium and boost flavor and appeal.


As the makers of ​​​​America’s #1 Soy Sauce*, we’re proud to offer an outstanding selection of liquid and dehydrated less-sodium options in forms and formats for any application and production need.


Whether you’re looking for a lower-sodium soy sauce for an Asian application or reducing sodium in a non-Asian food product, Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauces and Natural Flavor Enhancers can be your clean-label solution. Our technologists are here to advise you on inclusion levels and production considerations.

To speak to our experts and request samples, please contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you to address your sodium reduction challenges.

*Based on the U.S. sales data during the 52-week period ending 4/22/23

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