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Breadings & Coatings

Anyone can make their own bread crumbs. But give Kikkoman® Japanese Style Panko Bread Crumbs a try, and you’ll never want to use ordinary bread crumbs again. Available in Toasted and Untoasted varieties, they’re coarser and lighter—the premium all-purpose breading for baked or fried appetizers, entrées and desserts. Both contain zero grams trans fat. When you need a lighter coating, Tempura Batter Mix is ideal for all kinds of fried appetizers and desserts too! From shrimp to veggies, and even fruit--just add water, dip your favorite foods, and make them crispy. Need a gluten friendly menu option? Try our Gluten Free Panko Style Coating. Made with three simple ingredients-- this versatile coating allows you to bring the crunch, without the gluten.

Breadings & Coatings

Yes. Kikkoman offers a variety of Gluten-Free products, including soy sauces, panko, and other sauces. These products are certified as gluten-free (less than 10ppm) by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO). To find stores that carry these items, please try our Product Locator.
Please click here for a chart of Kikkoman products containing ingredients that are part of the top eight allergens listed in the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), as well as other common allergens, such as sesame and mustard.
Please click here for more information about our corporate policy on animal testing.
The Best By Date is printed on the front or back of the bottle close to the cap. Please click here to view some examples. 

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